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PANAMA CITY, FL (94.5 WFLA) - Winter weather conditions caused schools and businesses to remain closed on Wednesday, and below-freezing overnight temperatures into the evening threatens the same for Thursday.

The National Weather Service reports a forecasted low of 28 degrees for Wednesday night for Panama City, which could cause roadway surfaces to re-freeze, creating hazardous driving conditions.  Northern areas including the Dothan metro are expected to be much colder with temperatures dropping down into the mid teens.

After being closed for most of the day Wednesday, the Hathaway Bridge connecting Panama City and Panama City Beach was scheduled to re-open at 3:30PM to traffic, yet saw its opening delayed as crews worked to finish spreading traction material on the surface of the bridge.  Other area bridges and roadways remain closed depending on local conditions.

Scattered power outages were experience throughout the area on Wednesday; CHELCO reported up to 2,200 customers out of power early in the morning, reduced to less than 25 customers late Wednesday afternoon.

Most area schools are expected to be closed again on Thursday as early morning travel conditions make travelling dangerous.

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Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images