VIDEO: 'Gas Station Karen' Demands To Use Specific Pump When Most Are Empty

A trip to the gas station is typically pretty uneventful - you fill up and head out and maybe on some occasions you buy a snack or a lottery ticket. However, for one woman in Los Angeles, it became a pretty tense situation, and she shared it all on TikTok.

In the clip, @evergreenandmrsn showed an angry woman pacing and ranting with her phone out, filming the TikToker's car. @Evergreenandmrsn explains in her video what was going on with that woman, who is now being dubbed the "gas station Karen." @Evergreen said, "She's literally mad that I'm sitting at a gas pump. I literally pumped gas then was looking up directions on my phone - there were like four pumps open and she literally screamed, 'I want that one!'"

Warning: This video contains some harsh language

@Evergreen put up a follow-up video that detailed what happened next. She said that the woman went inside the gas station and brought a worker out to handle the situation. That employee just told her to go to a different pump, which angered her even more, to the point where she started hitting her gas then her brake like she was going to drive into @evergreen's car. Making matters worse, the woman apparently had a kid in her car during it all.

After about ten minutes, @evergreen decided to just leave. You can keep up to date with her here.

Photo: Getty Images