VIDEO: This Raven Saying 'Hello' Is The Strangest Thing You'll See Today

When you think of a bird speaking a word, you probably picture a parrot squawking the phrase "pretty bird" in a high-pitched voice, but they aren't the only feathered creatures capable of mimicking human language. It turns out, ravens can as well. You likely won't hear the black birds saying "nevermore" like Edgar Allan Poe wrote, but if you encounter one that's been trained, you'll likely get a friendly greeting out of them, though it is not always going to sound like you think it might.

Video of one raven saying "hello" is making the rounds on Twitter because of how surprising the word sounds coming out of the animal.

However, not everything the bird says sounds like a robotic 90-year-old man. In the full version of the video, you can see the range of voices and sounds the raven can make.

The raven's ability to imitate human sounds is impressive, but they are only able to mimic a few words and phrases. Meanwhile, some parakeets have been seen to have a vocabulary of almost 2,000 words.

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Photo: Getty Images