Mom Gets Tattoo Of Son's Drawing But Realizes She Made A Huge Mistake

For parents, any piece of art that their kids create is a masterpiece, no matter if it is just scribbles, a doodle or a basic landscape. Most moms and dads hang some of their children's artwork on the wall or, more commonly, on the fridge, but some take things even further, and not just by framing the pieces - they turn the art into tattoos.

That's just what one mom did and she shared her ink in a video on TikTok. The tat, which is on her inner, upper arm, is of a cartoonish looking ghost with an open mouth, next to a palm tree.

However, the video was shared in response to another TikToker asking people to show off their most meaningless tattoos. So why did she put it there? Well she explains in the clip that while she thought her son made drawing, it turns out it was actually done by her son's friend.

She captioned her video, "Kevin, age 6, crayon."

The mom went on to share what the original piece looked like.

One commenter noted, "But that's somehow a better story than your son drawing it. That's f-ing priceless," while many others agreed and told her that the tattoo is still good. She's learned to embrace it and posted a video featuring one of the comments which said, "Ok but it is dope."

As for Kevin, the actual artist, she never told his parents that she has the tattoo of their kid's drawing.

You can see more from the mom here.

Photo: Getty Images