State May Leave Employers Looking For Vaccine "Passports" To The Courts

Governor DeSantis this week signed a bill that will make his ban on so-called "vaccine passports" permanent.

He intends that to keep businesses from asking for proof that customers have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. But when it comes to employers requiring workers get their shots, Lieutenant Governor Jeannette Nunez doesn't expect DeSantis to get too involved.

"I believe the courts will probably be pretty busy on this aspect in the future."

She doesn't think DeSantis will force the issue when it comes to employers.

"I think what the governor was trying to convey is that we're not going to sit here and mandate, or get involved, in every particular situation. If you try to legislate every single scenario, you're going to get into a situation where things are going to go awry."

One such situation exists in Palm Beach County, where Tax Collector Anne Gannon has told her more than 300 employees to get vaccinated or face termination as of June 15.

She will accept religious and medical exemptions to the vaccine, but an employment attorney says those workers better be prepared to prove it.

Photo: Getty Images