President Trump, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo: Who will win 2020 election...

< br />Coronavirus panic is sweeping the world, as cases and fatalities continue to grow. But Americans still have a presidential race to consider, too. The 2020 election will be here before we know it, and a new poll from the Washington Post provides insight into an assumed President Trump vs. Joe Biden matchup. Biden's 7 point lead in February is now down to 2, putting the two candidates in a virtual tie. AND, thought only 28 percent of Biden supporters are "very enthusiastic" about him, 55 percent of Trump supporters are "very enthusiastic." 52 percent of Americans say they'd trust President Trump with the economy, and 47 percent say they trust Trump to handle the coronavirus pandemic compared to 43 percent who say they'd trust Biden. And while Stu doesn't think there's a chance NY governor Andrew Cuomo will replace Biden as the Democratic Party nominee, Glenn argues there's a chance. His approval rating is up to 87 percent statewide, and he might just need the "guy's clause" to clinch the spot. But whether it's Biden or Cuomo facing against the president, Trump KNOWS how to build an empire. He's a businessman, and if the economy is in shambles, Glenn predicts that Americans will pick Trump to fix it.

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