FIXING THE ECONOMY: How loans ENABLE COVID-19 lockdown & why federal spe...

< br />"It's like living in the Soviet Union." Each day of the COVID-19 pandemic, elected officials across the US continue to enact lockdown regulations that move Americans further and further away from the rights granted to them under the Constitution. However, the left's policies put not only our civil liberties at stake but the health of our economy too. Economist Stephen Moore -- Heritage Foundation fellow and economic advisor to the Trump administration -- is now part of a new coalition called "Save Our Country," a task force whose members share one common goal: doing everything possible to avoid further ruin of the American economy. Moore tells Glenn why federal loans granted to the states are NOT a good option, and how those loans ENABLE states to extend the coronavirus lockdown. Moore describes the terrifying reality of Nancy Pelosi's proposed three trillion dollar stimulus bill, and he shares the steps President Trump is taking to counteract the Orwellian policy moves by the left.

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