WATCH! What is "fair?"

Years ago I was asked by a local civic organization to give a talk. Instead, I asked a question and the civic organization nearly lost all civility. In fact, a fight nearly broke out among them.

What did I ask which stirred such unbridled emotion?

"What is fair?"

Seriously, "What is fair?" nearly caused fisticuffs. I have never been invited back to speak to that particular group and it's fine by me because the illiberals in the room ruined a great discussion and they are likely still members. Illiberals never want a discussion which is why so few ever come onto my show. It's not because I do not invite them, it's because illiberals are largely incapable of chatting without insulting those who disagree.

However, the video, courtesy of Prager U, is a great synopsis on the topic of "fairness."

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