MSM Outlets Untrustworthy - MUST WATCH!

Of the three monkeys, we cannot do much about those who choose to speak evil, but by golly we can choose to see no evil and hear no evil. The evil are the blatant lies, distortions, and half-truths being spewed by a mainstream media which hates President Trump with an unbridled passion never before spoken, seen, or heard.

It's why I advise you to stop consuming news from the mainstream media (MSM). There is a reason why FOX News, though far from perfect, is the most watched network for two decades - year-after-year - and it's not even close. The reason? Fair and balanced reporting. I know it's a slogan (one it abandoned to my chagrin), but it was a darn good one and accurate.

The media is so far to the left FOX News came off as conservative, but while the hosts of some shows are certainly right leaning, if not conservative, the reporting is down the middle. Remember...middle is ALWAYS to the right of left.

LEFT - Middle - RIGHT.

See? Lol...funny how a simple examples can make the point.

The two-minute clip is breathtaking in its simplicity - raw national broadcasts, the MSM's own words.

Enjoy and share.

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