WATCH! The Next Weapon In My War Against Squirrels

It has been a battle slowly brewing…

Me versus squirrels.

It started with my alleged squirrel-proof bird feeder. The concept was strong…a squirrel finds its way onto the feeder and the weight of the rodent closes the feeder. No food.

Ahh, but squirrels are amazingly smart and brazen. They quickly figured out to just swing on the feeder and jump. Like a bird-seed slot machine hitting with three sunflower seeds across the payout window the seed comes falling out of the feeder with the jostling.

I went to greasing the pole with WD-40…it worked. For one day. Then it was cayenne pepper. It did work and doesn’t bother the birds, but it’s still not a solution I like. I live in the suburbs, so I can’t shoot ‘em…so what to do?

Before hand-to-hand combat ensues, enter the Yankee Flipper.

Just know this...assured victory comes at a price.

That is short and sweet and gets the point across. However, this clip chronicles the defeat of the most determined squirrel ever. If the Yankee Flipper can win the day against this pest, it can handle my backyard.