WATCH! The "Quarantine Grab Bag" W/ One of My Favs - Mercy Me

The story of Bart Millard (like 13th President Fillmore) was chronicled in the movie "I Can Only Imagine." His is a great story of dream chasing and finding one's calling regardless of life's circumstances. He fronts for his band, Mercy Me. He is remarkably talented as a vocalist and songwriter and his friends make up an equally talented band.

I am a BIG fan of their music.

It speaks to the heart, it speaks to the soul, it speaks to the spirit in each of us.

"The Quarantine Grab Bag" is a twist on Mercy Me's "Cover Tune Grab Bag" where the band, and others, do cover tunes. It's pretty funny stuff. You can look it up on YouTube or just click this link. The former, required by the pandemic, has given birth to creativity, not just from Mercy Me, but across the world of music entertainment. Actually, it has inspired a lot of creativity (ie: Food Network, etc.) in general.

This song was remotely recorded as the band was separated and it is a redo of one of their "hits" - "Dear, Younger Me."

I love it. Share it with someone who needs some encouragement to get past life mistakes and poor choices.

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