Hilarious! Kevin James Short Film COVID-19 Parody

I really don't know if we are aloud to laugh...at anything.

It seems fear mongers are out there looking to stare holes in or rat out anyone who is not wearing a mask, offers a handshake, or dares go in for a hug. I could go on and on about the political motivations behind all of this and how I really think it is going to backfire on illiberals and Dems who will pay the price for promoting fear over freedom. COVID-19 over common sense.

Most people do want to work for a living and feel good about "doing" and they're going to remember who was at the helm when we were at full employment and who (state governors) was at the helm of states which continue to bankrupt the small business owners and those who depend on them for employment.

I will be paying attention to the reaction Kevin James, not an A-list actor, but one who is successful, liked, and regarded, receives for daring to mock the overreaction. I offer this warning - this made me laugh and it might make you laugh, too.

Disclaimer: I fully understand people have been lost due to this virus. Any unexpected death is a tragedy. If COVID-10 has touched your family I am profoundly sorry. Just as I would be if you lost someone to the flu - which we seem to have overlooked for a few decades. However, I look at the pandemic, the overreach, and our Constitutional crisis, through the lens of an understanding that people do pass away, sometimes from viruses or cancer. Other times from disease. Others pass from car crashes or violence. I am also mindful of the millions who are killed each year inside their mother's womb - what should be the safest place on the planet.

I digress.

If you are capable of having a laugh while we wander dangerously along the ledge of blatant disregard of our founding document...enjoy.

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