Behind The Minneapolis Riots? Watch Before It's Gone!

Sadly, what should be a focused effort to look at what exactly happened in Minneapolis to George Floyd has been appropriated by "Klantifa" and a group you likely have never heard of to try to bring about a confrontation. It's a confrontation they can't win.

I mean that in two ways. 1) Americans cannot allow socialist wannabes to destroy the greatest country in the world. Notice I did not say perfect. America has been great since its founding because we have found ways to solve problems. There are plenty of places in the world to work on their version of utopia - socialism. 2) They cannot win. Literally. They have no chance. While the means is painful, irresponsible, uneducated, misguided, and, at times, a little frightening it is also laughable because Klantifa will lose.

As I wrote in a commentary over the weekend. If you cannot say "Black lives matter" you have a problem.

I also wrote if you cannot say all lives matter you have the same problem. I find that ironic.

What is important is to know what, how, why, and, whenever possible, when. For example, recently the Tallahassee Chief of Police told me that bricks and sticks (bats?) with nails were being placed around town for protests. Other news outlets, locally and nationally, call the stories myths, but it's happening and right here in Florida's capital.

The times are changing. Democrats would never welcome JFK into their party today and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not be welcome to march in the movement he gave a voice to...yes, the times are changing.

To that end a listener sent this to my attention. It got it. Honestly, it better get yours, too. It speaks for itself...while it's allowed to remain online.

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