Ethnic Gnoticism; Ever Heard of It?

My son showed me a t-shirt I want to buy..."Racist = Someone who wins an argument against a liberal."

That's where we are isn't it?

Illiberals (not liberals, there really are not liberals anymore) always resort to name calling when they cannot support their ideas (usually hate-filled rhetoric anyway). They use names and profanities. They scream and yell and resort to, often, violence. It's also amusing that the group screaming tolerance and inclusion will only tolerate and include those who agree with them.

Instead of turning the page, moving on, changing the channel, listening to something else they attempt to form their hate mobs. Yawn. As a result I have decided to teach about the BLM movement (based on the Michael Brown shooting lie which was taken apart by an Obama administration investigation) by using voices other than mine. Voices who happen to be black. It's the best thing those of us with lighter epidermis can do - use the words of others.

When I say or write certain things the haters (often times, though not always, white appropriators of rage) I am marginalize because, you know, I am white. It really doesn't matter because truth is truth, but okay, here's another voice. Dr. Voddie Baucham. Yes, I will try to get him on the show. He coined a phrase to describe part of what is going on...

Ethnic Gnosticism.

What is it?

Watch, listen, and take notes.

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