Another Day, Another #Walkaway Story

I'll keep reminding you...the mainstreamers actually believe the #Walkaway Campaign is nothing but Russian bots. Ahhhh-hahahahaha!

They refuse to cover that core, lifelong Dems and leftists are done and have left the, well, left.

That is NOT to say they are all becoming Republicans.

They are just fed up with the extremism, the lies, the attacks, the (fill-in-the-blank). Seriously, look for yourself. I know for many I am preaching to the choir, but perhaps you are here because you have been dared or challenged to take a look and listen.

Before you check out the latest example, consider the editor and columnist at the New York Times who just quit and cited her reasons in a scathing resignation letter. Her media brethren have not learned their lesson from 2016. Her colleagues from the NYT refuse to acknowledge the American people who do not subscribe to the illiberal lift viewpoint. As an editor, when she did her job and pointed it out she was attacked and bullied.

If you are a Democrat this is part of what you have aligned yourself with - intolerance, hate, venom, and vitriol.

Bari Weiss got fed up and, in her own way, "walked away."

The young lady below issued this in response to all of the divisive and ugly nonsense going on today.

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