Don't Vote on Florida's Ballot Amendment 2 Before Seeing This!

Target famously tried to become a "leader" by embracing the $15/hour minimum wage. So, how did it work out?Not well. Target then cut hours and added workload. Lest you think I cherry-picked the coverage here's a few examples linked in here.

Target is not alone. The food industry is reeling across the country as the most experienced workers learn that when a business is forced to pay someone $15/hour it will not be the newest, lowest skilled worker in the labor pool.

I literally could go on and on and on. In fact, I am available to any business willing to hold a staff meeting and let me come in to chat with the staff about the consequences of voting for Florida Amendment 2 on the November ballot. Seriously, write me:

In the meantime this will be a good solid primer. BTW: Make sure you see the final salvo...why the minimum wage was created in the first place - Democrats once again connected to its racism.