Uh-oh and "I Told You!" - The Real Russian Cover-Up Declassified

This is the story the MSM OUGHT to be covering with the same zeal it has covered the effort to undermine President Trump's first term in office. The truth is coming out.

We have known for years that Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and the Democrat Party was behind the infamous "Trump-Russia Dossier." It was discredited before every seeing the light of day in the States, but that did not matter. It was discredited before Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and other shameful Democrats used it for their great inquisition, but it did not matter.

Maybe this will.

Declassified documents have begun to surface, and the rest are coming, which show not only was the entire Russia-Trump hoax Hillary's plan, along with the Democrat Party, but former CIA Director John Brennan's own hand-written notes confirm then-President Barack Obama knew all about it.

There is criminal conduct inside all of this; none of it by President Donald Trump.

By the way - Vote. In. Person.