Reason #4324 To Not Believe Polls - Cheating

I shared the sound, thanks to George, and it hit all of us the same way...she cheated.

In the wake of the 2016 debates when Donna Brazille, then with CNN now with FOX (how is that possible?), admitted she tipped off Hillary Clinton with the questions in advance for the CNN Presidential Debate, we have Kamala Harris slipping up and showing she knew the topics ahead of time as well.

This is why President Trump need not waste his time with any more debates. They're rigged the alleged "Commission" responsible for fair debates is sullied and disgraced. One look at the moderators this time around is all you need to consider. I mean the VP debate was moderated by a woman who is writing a biolgraphy on Nancy Peolis; the man tabbed for the next Presidential debate (now cancelled) was an intern for Joe Biden!

Still, here's the proof Kamala Harris knew the topics and she still dodged and weaved like a boxer doing the rope-a-dope.

The bottom line - Do Not Believe Any Poll! Go vote, and if at all possible, in person.