What Would You Do?

This is a harrowing six minutes.

Jogger out for a run when he comes across some "kittens." Then the fun begins as he realizes these are mountain lion kittens and...mom is right there.

We've all know the reality of momma animals and their young. By and large a fight to the death ensues. It's how they're wired. So, before you watch the video I want you to imagine the scene. You pull out your phone to video the adorable little things, then see mom walk towards you.

What would you do?

Experts say this guy did everything correctly - did not turn his back, did not run (triggering the predatory response of the big cat), stayed "large," yelled, made noise, and...eventually, grabbed what he could, rocks, to send a more direct message. My guess is mom toyed with him with the intended result. She would have had the btter of the encounter had it turned worse.

This ends well, but you will hear some bleeped expletives (which I fully understand, if not condone...lol).