O.M.G. - Listen To What This Guy Admits To...OPENLY!

A short back story. In Colorado anarchists, Klantifa members, etc. are filling the ranks the Democrat party (welcome there, I guess). They work for campaigns. They work to overthrow the government. Think the boys in Michigan are Trump supporters? Think again.

These sick, twisted people, bent on overthrowing the government, are Democrats and this one was caught by Project Veritas admitting to this that, well the mainstream media will not touch it. First, it hates Project Veritas because it does the media's job (remember with Mike Wallace use to ambush dirty politicians and businessmen on camera?); second, nearly every person caught on-camera over the years is an illiberal or a Democrat.

By the way, lest you think I am being harsh - until the Democrat party tosses these bums out and speaks out against this kind of action and thinking I will continue to throw all of them together.

Because he got sick and tired of being told his stories were not true, despite the video taped evidence, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas went to this turdball of a citizen to see if he would own his statements.

What happened is stunning.