Michigan Postal Worker Comes Forward, Problems With Postmarks On Ballots

First, the federal government needs to step in and require standardized rules for mail-in ballots in any federal election. This is so predictable. It's called cheating and one alleged postal worker in Michigan has come forward with an alarming allegation. Watch what happens with Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe calls the postal supervisor who allegedly ordered the federal crime.

For the record, forget what all the networks, including FOX News says about the ballot counting. Arizona is not decided and will likely go to President Trump. It comes down to Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. There is growing reports of evidence of problems in the Keystone State.

Also, a contested election not settled in time heads to the U.S. House of Representatives. Yes, I know the narrowing majority (the GOP gained seats) is held by the Democrats...the problem for them is that the GOP control more state delegations which is how the voting takes place - one vote, one state.

Let's circle back to the matter at hand...when you vote in person your ballot is handed to you, you vote, and you enter it into the voting machine. When you vote by mail, want to take a guess at how many sets of hands handle it? Do you think they are actually verifying every signature? There are workers for U.S. Congressional Rep. Ilhan Omar bragging on their own posted video of buying ballots and filling them out for $200 a pop.

I hate to say this, but things could get very, very ugly. Protesters in Minneapolis are gleefully carrying around signs stating "America Is Over."

UPDATE: The USPS Inspector General's Office has seen the video above and is consdering investigative options because it does fall under its jurisdiction.