More Postal Workers Come Forward On Election Misdeeds

In 2020, USPS supervisers suddenly had a power never before held - the power to place their individual thumbs on the scale of fairness and weigh it down to one side. As is the case in any large group, most postal workers and supervisors are good, decent, hard working people, but there will always be some who shirk their pledge to discharge their duties honorably.

It is a statistical certainty and it is manifesting daily in the embarrassment of the 2020 election.

Congress had the power the insure a set of standards for the federal election once it knew COVID-19 hysteria was going to be altering how people vote. However, one side of the aisle was too naive to realize it and the other took advantage and weaponized it.

Previously, the number of ballots moving through the mail made this issue irrelevent. Not now, not with the 2020 election. The hate of President Donald Trump by those on the illberal left is such they have convinced themselves they are doing the country a favor by committed felonious acts and that is what we are watching.

States are suddenly finding ballots and mysteriously in most all cases they only have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' names checked. While you can look at any number of symptoms, the cause (which I am always focused on) is one word - sin. Too many have lost their moral compass and fear of God. It is the only explanation for the rampant effort to cheat.

Stay calm folks, this is not going to end anytime soon.