The Watch Continues, Pips Nearing @ Berry College Bald Eagles

Each year we follow the Berry College Bald Eagles as they return, as a couple, to the nest and prepare for parenting another eaglet or two. Last year, neither of the eggs developed. We are using this stream by permission of Berry College, so come back from time to time, go full screen, turn up the sound, and enjoy the processes of nature.

UPDATE: There is a different adult female in the nest. Experts from Berry College are not sure what to make of it at this time, but perhaps we have drama afoot this nesting season. The last two years eggs have not produced eaglets which eagle affifionados say could lead to some changes. There is some thought the last two infertile years, plus an injury to the foot of the adult female led to her leaving the nest. Regardless, we have one or two eggs and the watch has begun.

UPDATE 2: The eaglets could appear any day. But you never know what you will see when watching. This week a juvenile Bald Eagle attempted to raid the nest and eat the eggs, but mom would have none of it and the brawl ended quickly. Ahh...the drama of nature.