Schumer - Biden Should Declare Climate Emergency

Democrats cry loudly against the evils of "dark money" in campaigns - then their nominee, now President, sets a record for dark money and they become mute. Democrats protest use of the declaration of a national emergency when tens of thousands of foreigners attempted to break into our country illegally, but now the Democrat Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, thinks it's just fine for Joe Biden to use his office to declare a national emergency on climate which allows him to enact much of the Green New Deal (aka: The Destory America Act) without Congress.

This is what you voted for never-Trumpers. Well done.

This is what we get and deserve after chosing a basement dwelling lifetime member of the swamp in place of a rough and caustic outsider who actually kept his promises and enacted policies which helped all Americans.

All Americans.

Elections have consequences and you and I have not seen anything, yet.