MLB - Go Woke, Go Broke

A.F. Branco captures the latest example of the cancel culture claiming another victim. Talk about your slow learners club - the NFL, NBA, USA Soccer, NASCAR, and now Major League Baseball. Each entity has taken financial hits from "taking a knee" in homage to the malcontents.

When baseball's Kommissar (see Commissioner Rob Manfred) announced that he was jerking the All-Star game from Atlanta because of appropriate measures to offer more secure, and expanded, voting the boycotts began forming in support of the MLB's decision.

Besides damaging small, often minority owned, businesses in the ATL area, baseball is committing self-harm. Just like the roster of other sports has done and most are still doing. They would rather virtue signal and lose millions, maybe billions, versus stand up to the cancelers.

MLB had the chance to become a place of refuge for millions of fans wanting to see sports without politics, but Rob Manfred has ended that wishful would've been nice.

Enjoy declining revenue baseball.

Major League Kool Aid

Major League Kool Aid