YouTube Claims "Free Expression" Award It Sponsors

Here's my guess...The "Free Expression" awards creators needed a presenting sponsor for the cash and the platform required to do the show. In a token of ironic quid pro quo it presented the presenting sponsor with the top award.

From Barstool Sports "Ohios Tate" - "Here to present the award on behalf of my company will be me, and here to accept the award on behalf of my company will also be me"

I read the comments and everyone is all up in arms about YouTube and censorship and what not, but I don't care about any of that. You can't help but respect having your own award show and then giving yourself the top award. Basically say that they have evaluated all candidates and concluded that they are in fact the best. The next step would be for the award-winning CEO to give herself a much deserved raise.

Some of the comments are epic -

Tobin Gallawa

Free expression award, how ironically hilarious

Maximiliano Silva

YouTube free expression award is as legitimate as Obama´s peace nobel prize

Astro Jetson

Wow Suzan just nuked your channel and didn’t even have the decency to disable the dislike button.. they got you good!

Rumford Chimpenstein

Susan Wojcicki has banned and censored more speech than anyone else on earth... and you gave her a "Free Expression" award? What a joke!

l l

"The communist party thought my Grandfather's views were extreme , so he had to follow the terms of service behind the Iron Curtain."--Susan Wojiski

Zayne Van Day


This is like Harvey Weinstein getting an award for Women’s Rights presented by Gisline Maxwell & Jeffery Epstein lol


The ministry of truth has spoken

Jeffrey Wilson

Free expression? thats the biggest walking hypocrite on earth right there. There is ZERO free expression on ANY google platform.

Gundam God

Removing dislikes that are not bots. Trying to hide how much people know that they are against free speech. lol

Premium Bigoted Gammon


Oddlike Seven

Imagine being this disconnected from reality.

And they continue...

Especially enjoy You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki's face as she accepts the award.