Wanna Fly? Check Out The Icon A5

Where to begin?

Longtime listeners know my love of flying. It once spurred a debate - "Can someone who successfully completed their 'solo' be considered a pilot without their private license?"

My answer was, "No." Many kind-hearted, veteran pilots (recreational and commercial) said, "Yes!"

I appreciated the kindness, but my answer was, and is, still "No." Not only do I think stolen valor is an abomination, stolen titling is, too. Though I have soloed (three take-offs, pattern flights, landings to full stop), I am not a pilot. But I aspire to be one. As a result I subscribe to "Flying" and enjoy any chance I get jumping into the left seat. I love everything about it. The process, the responsibility, and the adventure and beauty of it.

It's the latter of those ideals which drew me to the Icon A5. The story of Icon is born of sheer determination to bring flying to more people. Not with speed, but with the dream which took hold in the imagination of Wilbur and Orville Wright and brought them to Kitty Hawk. The idea of flight.

As you can see scrolling through the pictures...the Icon A5 is unique and special. Below is my interview with Warren Curry. He heads up sales & marketing, operations, and customer experience for Icon Aircraft. Warren flew for twenty-two years for the USMC piloting Super Cobra attack helicopters and the heli-plane - the Osprey. It was a great visit.

However, first I picked one video clip to show you the A5. YouTube has an Icon channel if you want to geek out and see more. There may be an event or two coming to the region. If we pull it off I will let you know. In the meantime - dream on and enjoy!