Saturday Morning Cartoons - Trip Down Memory Lane

They are some of my fondest memories of childhood. Memories of just being a kid in an era where we were unwoke, biologically assigned a gender without dissent, and able to laugh at things which we thought funny.

Insert a big "sigh" here. Yes, those were the days.

The other morning on the program I talked about Jonny Quest and how that show would never air in today's culture. Hand grenades, AK-47s, Monitor lizards on leashes, cool gadgets, masculine men, cultural stereotypes, villians, and the list goes on and on why the show would not fly today.

It's also why I bought the "Collector's DVD Set of Jonny Quest" years ago. There was NO way I was going to let this show slip into the annals of history without a way to enjoy again and again.

Saturday morning was such a joyful time. Cereal and cartoons. The Bugs Bunny - Roadrunner Hour was one of my favorites, Rocky and Bullwinkle featuring Fractured Fairy Tales, and of course Hanna Barbera. Cartoons, written for parents, animated for kids.

I came across short clips of each and every Hanna-Barbera carton series which aired in the late 50s-late 70's. I think this will bring back some fun memories for you.