This Dad & Daughter Will Have None Of Critical Race Theory

Meet Kory and his adorable daughter, Royalty, who did a sixty-second video which has gone viral. The video, seen below, condemns efforts to shove false, destructive history down the throats of children and students across the country as "woke" school boards try to pacify the small number of malcontents sucking up the media-sphere.

Yes, I mean all of that...there are very few people who believe the garbage known as critical race theory. However, it is creeping in to schools because too many are not aware of it. Even illiberal historians strongly oppose it and have attempted to get the publisher, the New York Times, to take it back. Consider that for a second - a dying newspaper is attempting to push curriculum into schools? Historians condemn NYT 1619 Project.

I also think most people in this country have no racial animus and the constant bleating by the few is causing the many to grow weary of the accusation. Thankfully, more and more people who happen to be black (I think each one of us is a person of color - I know I am) are speaking out.

I have included some added video content here - kind of a one-stop shop for CRT. Included is a short tutorial from Associate Professor Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky State University ( a guest on TMS), a deeper dive Q&A, plus on campus reaction as students learn a bit more about CRT.

Which brings us back to Kory and his daughter.