At The Southern Border - A Message For Democrats and Socialist Wannabes

Sometimes you just know.

It can me the tone of the voice or a look in the eyes. The seriousness of the cause can be relayed in non-verbal cues if you have any discernment at all to pick up on them. When it's combined with words forged by a life of experience it enters into a category all its own.

This man is so desperate to enter America, with what appears to be his daughter, he is willing to do it illegally. Clearly, to him his venture is worth the risk. What he is fleeing offers no life at all. It is not an excuse - it is an explanation. Send this to your Democrat and illiberal friends. Our nation is spirally toward a cliff and some of us are trying everything we know to apply the brakes.

Once over the edge a parachute won't matter. There is no soft landing. It's over.

Please watch this, then go to this website with family and friends and LEARN the dangers we are facing. Maybe you will be compelled to get in the mix - get in the PTA, run for school board, city or county commission, or whatever. Remember, spectators have little influence on the outcome of the game - only the participants.