Apple Earnings News Teaches Lesson in Media Malpractice

RUSH: There's something else that I want to get into today. This is such a teachable moment. It is a very, very... It's an object lesson in media and responsibility, and it has to do with Apple. So I'm gonna probably not get to it 'til the next hour, depending on how things go in the remaining time in this hour. But Apple yesterday reported record earnings and record profit and a record profit margin in the history of the company.

Their guidance to investors expected total revenue between $84 billion and $89 billion for the fourth calendar quarter -- October, November, December of last year. That's Apple's first quarter in their fiscal calendar. They count quarter four as their first quarter of the year. They reported $91 billion in earnings and $22 billion in profits. Now, the purpose for me mentioning this is not to hail Apple. You all know that I love Apple products.

You all know that it's kind of strange 'cause Apple is a gigantic left-wing company that probably doesn't like me. But I still do. I don't care. I love the stuff. I love their products. I marvel at 'em. I try to learn everything I can about 'em. But you also know from me that the tech media hates them. The tech media hates Apple like the Drive-By Media hates Trump and hates Republicans. In addition to the tech media hating Apple, there are of course Wall Street investment and analyst places like...

Well, just take your pick. I mean, there's Goldman Sachs. Take your pick of any of these people that go out and advise investors where to put their money. Well, there have been a couple... There's actually more than a couple. There's three or four of these different places that literally hate Apple who have been predicting doom and gloom for Apple for five years. They have been urging people to take their money out of Apple, have been urging people, "Don't put your money in Apple!"

It has been the epitome of irresponsibility. It has been the equivalent of these people personally hating Apple for whatever reason and trying to damage Apple by getting investors to take their money out or not put it in. It's been the epitome of irresponsibility. We're talking about people's money! These are the so-called advisers, the analysts, the experts telling unexpecting investors where to put their money, where not to put it.

The story is what happened yesterday after these earnings came out, after these earnings were reported. It is an object lesson in what ought to be happening right now throughout the Drive-By Media from the New York Times to the Washington Post to CNN to MSNBC and to virtually every media outlet who has been lying, spreading lies, originating lies, creating lines, perpetuating known lies from false sources -- literally making things up for the past three to four years.

There has yet to be a price paid by any of these people for getting it so wrong and for embarrassing their publications, their papers, their networks. They have not been punished. They have been heralded. They continue to work in this irresponsible way. They continue to spread lies. They continue to make stories up. They continue to quote anonymous sources that probably don't even exist. So I will close the loop on this story -- now that I've got your whistle whetted for it.

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